Whether your looking to include more plants into your diet or want to experiment with a vegetarian/vegan diet it’s totally up to yourself! I have provided some of my favourite books, cookbooks, blogs, and Instagram accounts so you can gain amazing information and try out other awesome plant-based recipes.

If you have any questions about how I live a plant-based lifestyle please feel free to e-mail me on the ‘contact’ page on the blog/or through Instagram.

I hope some of these resources/cooking inspo come in handy for you!


My diet: 

I personally am not a huge fan of labels and let’s be real they’re everywhere… I however like to refer to myself as ‘plant-based’ because I do eat honey (occasionally) and a vegan diet does not. I feel that referring myself as plant-based leaves more of a grey area, rather than a vegan diet which everyone knows that the lifestyle does not include any animal products including honey. There are however many different ways to lead a vegan diet/lifestyle and everyone is different which is totally fine. I eat vegan all of the time but leave room for occasional slip-ups and mistakes by referring myself to plant-based; which I am comfortable with and establishing a positive relationship with food is so important to me as it should be for others.

Do what works for you and listen to YOUR body because it will tell you what it needs and wants. However, nobody can deny that incorporating more plant-based foods in your diet (while maintaining balance) is going to benefit you, the environment, and the animals!

Emma xx


Anna Jones

Deliciously Ella 

Green Kitchen Stories 

Lee from America

Love and Lemons

Minimalist Baker

My New Roots

Nutrition Stripped

Oh She Glows

Rise Shine Cook 

Sarah Lemkus

The First Mess

To Die For


Deliciously Ella Every Day– Ella Mills (Vegan. Great for quick meals on the go)

Deliciously Ella with Friends– Ella Mills (Vegan. Perfect for when you are hosting a dinner party!)

Eat Smart– Niomi Smart (Plant-based/vegan)

Fast Vegetarian. LEON.– Jane Baxter & Henry Dimbleby. (Vegetarian and from the LEON restaurant chain in the UK).

Green Kitchen at Home– David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl (Vegetarian but can be made vegan)

Love and Lemons–  Jeanine Donofrio & Jack Matthews (Vegetarian but can be made vegan)

Nutrition Stripped– McKel Hill (Vegetarian. Science led and qualified nutritionist. Can be made vegan and most recipes are)

Oh She Glows– Angela Liddon (Vegan. Both amazing books for beginners! Plus Angela is from NB where most of my family lives so gotta support this amazing veggie food blogger/author/entrepreneur)

Oh She Glows Everyday– Angela Liddon

The Happy Pear– Stephen & David Flynn (Vegan)

The First Mess– Laura Wright (Vegan)


Forks Over Knives

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

Nutrition Stripped 
























YouTube: (Great for recipe inspiration/’What I Eat in a Day’ videos)

Bonny Rebecca

Cambria Joy (Although not vegan she offers amazing advice for self love and living a healthy/balanced lifestyle.)


Hot for Food

Niomi Smart

Sarah Lemkus

Tess Begg 


Venetia Falconer 

Zanna Van Dijk










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