First off, thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet and welcome to The Nakd Kitchen. On this little corner of the internet you will discover things that bring me joy: cooking with natural plant-based ingredients, living sustainably, and embracing self-love and care. Cooking with seasonal ingredients is something I strive to do in all of my efforts when creating a recipe, as I believe that when we cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients we not only positively contribute to our community farmers, but the earth and all that it has to offer.

Who are you? 

Hi! My name is Emma, and I am a nineteen years-old living in Newfoundland, Canada. I started The Nakd Kitchen in 2016 as it was formerly known as emmamarieskitchen. I discovered a plant-based diet in my last year of high school and decided to give it a go, and from there I started an Instagram account to document all of my new creations and recipes. This little corner on the internet now contains more than just food, because I believe that total health and wellness encompasses more than just what we put in our bodies it encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Creating a healthy relationship with food is something I strive for, and that is why I call myself plant-based; never restricting myself and honouring my cravings when needed. As someone who has faced an eating disorder, I want to inspire others to build a healthy relationship with food in whatever form that takes and finding what works for them.


What is your mission for The Nakd Kitchen?

I have always loved just genuinely helping people in whatever way I can! I would love The Nakd Kitchen to help others achieve a healthy relationship with food, themselves, and others. Sharing my recipes and love for plant-based eating in hopes to inspire others to include more plants in their diet is also what I am all about, but truly finding what healthy means to you is key.

What are some of your kitchen staples? 

My most used foods in my pantry which are often stored in mason jars are brown rice, beans (any kind really), oats (rolled & quick), tinned tomatoes, lentils, and dates! I love snacking on nut butters, rice cakes, and fresh fruit. My most prized possession out of all of my kitchen appliances is my food processor; I use it nearly everyday! You can check my favourite one out here. You can also find cheaper ones too that will do the job, but I was just lucky enough to have been given mine for my birthday!

What are some interesting facts about yourself? 

I love animals! Ever since I was a little girl I have always had animals, and I currently own a whopping number of 6. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 horses!

Where can I find you other than on the blog? 

I am very active on my Instagram account that you can check out here if you want! You can also check out my social media icons on the top of the blog to checkout my other content.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and my little corner of the internet- please send any of your photos my way!

With love,




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