What I Eat in a Day as a Student and Food Blogger

I know this is a bit of a different post for me but I’ll admit it, I actually love reading/watching ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos and blog posts, they give me a ton of recipe inspiration and creative ideas from YouTubers and bloggers out there who share the same interests that I do; living a sustainable and wholesome diet. Our society is a bit nosy (I know I am), and that’s probably why these type of posts do so incredibly well on Mind Body Green and YouTube.

When I started cooking at sixteen (well I don’t really know if cooking pasta counts), I often turned to YouTubers for meal ideas which helped me discover a healthy and wholesome, yet balanced diet which inspired me to change my outlook on food and fitness in general.

Before making the switch to a more plant-based diet in high school, I used to workout a considerable amount and eat “fake foods” like powdered peanut butter and quest bars for breakfast because I thought I was doing my body ‘good,’ and quiet frankly I just wanted to be fitter and skinnier. Gradually overtime I became fascinated by the concept of a plant-based diet which focuses on eating an abundance of wholesome and real foods like sweet potato, I found my new love for greens like brussel sprouts, and discovered so many new and delicious fruits and veggies that I never would have considered trying before incorporating more plants into my diet.

I am often inspired by seasonal produce and try to incorporate different plants into my diet when the seasons change, however here is what a typical day on my plate looks like:

6:30 a.m.: Water & Small Snack

I am a serious morning person and usually wake at 6 AM to the light of my Philips light alarm clock which gently wakes me in the morning rather than jolting me out of bed like most alarm clocks do. Next, I take five minutes to write out my intentions for the day in my Five-Minute Journal which helps me practice gratitude. After my morning rituals I walk downstairs let my dogs out and grab two huge glasses of water to hydrate and grab a quick snack like half a GoMacro bar or a piece of fruit before my morning workout (I love running, spin, and at home circuit workouts). If I don’t workout first thing in the morning I will find excuses later in the day, and I feel more productive if I get a sweat in first thing in the AM.

9 a.m.: Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important and my favourite meal of the day. I almost always have a bowl of porridge in the morning (I am part Scottish so it could explain my LOVE for it), and if it’s after a workout I will often add some protein powder to my mix, shredded zucchini, and almond milk. I top it with almost all the toppings… Today I went for coconut peanut butter (love), coconut yogurt, blueberries and some baked bananas. I always pair my porridge with a matcha latte as I am not a coffee drinker!

chunky monkey banana oats


1:30 p.m.: Lunch

If I feel up to a snack in between I will grab an apple with almond butter or some carrot sticks and hummus. However, today my porridge left me feeling full. For lunch I often just throw together a random salad bowl of things…Today I had kale, spinach, sprouts, leftover stuffed squash, wild grain salad, avocado, spiralised carrots, and a citrus ginger miso dressing (which I provided below!).

Citrus Ginger Miso Dressing:

  • Juice of 1/2 Orange
  • 1/2 tsp organic dark miso paste
  • 2 tsp coconut aminos/soy sauce/tamari
  • 1/2 tsp fresh minced ginger


4 p.m.: Snack

I always get the late afternoon slump around 4 after sitting down and working on my school work for a better part of the day and writing blog posts/shooting. I always turn to rice cakes with nut butter or an apple with nut butter.

7:30 p.m.: Dinner

I turn Netflix on and get set in on making a stew for dinner, I love making chilis, dahl, curry, and bean filled stews. I often love to make recipes from other bloggers too, some of my favs are The First Mess, My New Roots, and Deliciously Ella if I am not creating a recipe for the blog.


9:00 p.m.: Sweet Snack

If I am feeling up to something sweet I will have a couple pieces of Hu Kitchen Chocolate (the best), some coconut yogurt and berries, or a wellness latte (turmeric milk, cinnamon and maca latte, or a cacao hot chocolate). Today I was feeling a couple pieces of Hu Kitchen’s Hazelnut Butter Chocolate and later I did a little more school work. Although I try to stop working around 5/6 p.m. depending on my workload.

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